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School Hours & Procedures

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Absence and Early Dismissal

Any absence from school must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate or letter of excuse from Parent/ Guardian upon returning to school. In the case of absence due to illness or other urgent family matters, please notify the general office or email the Form Teacher on the day of absence. Absence from assessments must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate. Parents should arrange holidays within scheduled school holiday periods, outside of school term.

For early dismissal, parents/guardians are expected to pick up their child from the general office.

Change of Transport Arrangements

For your child’s safety, it is important that the school can ensure he is leaving school in the intended manner. To avoid confusion to the child, the school does not encourage changes to the arrangement of pick up to/fro school from the norm unless necessary. Please notify the Form Teacher and the bus operator (if applicable) of any changes to these arrangements.