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Health Matters

Haze Management
We will monitor the haze situation and take appropriate mitigation measures based on MOH’s health advisory for the day to ensure the well-being of our students and staff. For updates on the haze situation, visit NEA website (www.nea.gov.sg), the haze microsite (www.haze.gov.sg), follow NEA Facebook (www.facebook.com/NEASingapore) and NEA Twitter (@NEAsg), or download the myENV app. Please check the school website for updates. As we will be communicating with you via email and handphone in the event of an emergency, kindly inform us if there is any change in your email address and contact numbers. If your child has a pre-existing condition, do also remind him/her to have the medication with him/her daily (e.g. child with asthma to carry the inhaler etc).

Zika and Dengue Management
To minimise the risk of further spread of Zika and Dengue in Singapore, it is critical that all of us as a community, take immediate steps to prevent mosquito breeding. We have taken steps to prevent mosquito breeding in school by doing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout and fuming. We will like to urge you and your children to play a part in ensuring that homes do not breed mosquitoes too. You can take additional precautions to protect your children against mosquito bites by getting them to apply insect repellent regularly. 

Social Responsibility
We seek your cooperation to reinforce the importance of personal hygiene to your child. Should your child feel unwell, please take him to a doctor and let him rest at home. He should not come to school.
For infectious illness such as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), please consult a doctor and receive a memo to certify that your child is fit for school before his return to school.

Medical Attention
Should your child fall ill during the school day, you will be informed to pick him up. In an accident emergency that requires treatment in the hospital, we will call the ambulance and keep you informed.
As advised by Health Promotion Board, first aid kit should not contain oral medications or any other forms of topical medications (e.g. antiseptic cream, mopiko, zam-buk, ointment etc) in view of possible allergic reactions. As such, the school will not administer any oral medications and provide topical medication.

School Dental Service

Monday - Wednesday   :    8.00am - 12.30pm

Thursday - Friday          :    Closed
Lunch                            :    12.30pm - 1.30pm
School holiday              :    Same as above (Subject to change)
Dental Therapist           :    Ms Tan Siang Eng

Telephone number        :    6243 4809