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At Red Swastika, parents are welcome to keep the communication channel active. We communicate with parents via:

For issues concerning your child, the first point of contact should be the Form Teacher. If you call our teachers via the general office, please understand that teachers may not be able to answer your phone call immediately. Kindly leave a message for the teacher to return your call. Teachers are NOT expected to share their personal mobile phone numbers with parents.

Parents are welcome to make arrangements to meet the teachers. Likewise, teachers may request meetings with parents if they need to discuss the child’s progress or experiences in school.

From 2018, we will not facilitate the handing over of any student's work/item or passing of pocket money via the general office. Students are to copy any details of work assigned from the class homework whiteboard into their handbooks. Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to remind their children/wards to bring their learning materials and homework assignments to school each day.

Updating of Contact Details
It is important that the school can contact at least an adult for each child in the school at all times. Please advise promptly of any changes to the contact details (phone numbers and home address), even if it is only a temporary arrangement.