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SFE (School Family Education)

Family Matters @ School @Red Swastika School

The Family Matters@School (FMS) is supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to provide parents with access to family life programmes that enable them to better connect with their children.

Family Matters@School at Red Swastika School was started in 2009. Under the umbrella of the Family Matters@School Programme, various family life programmes that equip parents with skills to nurture family relationships are organised.   

Each year, parent workshops/talks and parent- child bonding activities are organised. The parent workshops cover topics relating to parenting styles, communication, behaviour management, transition, cyberwellness & learning styles, disciplines and so on. 
Appended is the table of FMS activities for Term 1 2018. Registration for the talks is via SNAC.



Day/ Date/ Time of Parenting Talk




P1 Parents’ Conference

Tuesday, 2 January 2018/ 1.45pm to 2.45pm & 3.45pm to 4.45pm

Everything Will Be Alright -¬‐ Helping Your Child Adjust to Primary School   


Moving from preschool to primary school can feel like a huge leap for children. Apart from learning subjects at a deeper level, your child has to adjust to a new environment,
follow a different routine and exercise a greater degree of independence. Just when they are becoming comfortable in one stage, they suddenly get bundled off to the next.
The transition process is very important, as it is the start of a new phase of life for both you and your child. Aside from a number of factors that affects a child’s ability to manage change, parents are often the major cause of pressure for primary one students. In this workshop, the thrust is to encourage the parents to be part of the solution
and make them aware of the kind of support that they can provide to their children, as they move along from one stage to the next.

Mr James Satchy


P2 Parents’ Conference

Friday, 19 January 2018/10.30am 12.30pm 

Learning-oriented vs. Performance-oriented Parenting - helping your child rediscover joy of learning

The frantic pace and competitive educational life in Singapore has left many parents anxious about their children’s academic performance and future as well. Too often attempts to discipline them and motivate them in their academic pursuits have been met with resistance and not much progress in their motivation level. Even worse, our well intentioned attempts have also affected our relationships with them. Maybe parents should reconsider their expectations & approach? World renowned psychologist, Dr. Carol Dweck categorized parents as either learning-oriented or performance-oriented. Could becoming a more learning-oriented parent be helpful? 
Unlocking an innate desire to learn.
Be a “learning-oriented” not a “performance-oriented” parent
Effort vs. Ability-which do we emphasize? 
Intrinsic motivation vs. External rewards/punishment

The workshop is done in an interactive manner with insightful discussions, role plays, movie therapy and helpful scenarios for easy application.

Mr Halbert Louise


P3 & P4 Parents’ Conference

Friday, 19 January 2018

4pm to 6pm

Emotional Intelligence

As children makes friends and interact with teachers in school, they are learning an important skill. They intuitively “catch” the nuances and subtleties of human expression that are essential for community living. In time to come, these skills will be used as they interact with their working colleagues. Research shows that once they are in the corporate world, their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in working together and leading teams becomes increasingly important. Hence, to be successful in life, children have to be aware of social skills as much as gaining academic knowledge. This talk will touch on - • The importance of Emotional Intelligence. • Children’s milestones in their emotional growth. • Essential character qualities for success. • How parents can be the change-agents in their children’s lives.

Dr Agnes Tan


P5 & P6 Parents’ Conference

Friday, 26 January 2018

4pm to 6pm


Cyber-Safety for my Child 


Research shows an increasing trend that children growing up in this internet age spend more time 'online', communicating with their virtual friends, engaging in Facebook, twitter and all other virtual games instead of talking to parents. Topics that would be covered in this workshop on family life and communication skills between parents and the internet-age children. Onset of puberty. Adolescent development. Tips for communication. Rules of time’s-up

Mr Steven Tan