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Alumni Association

The Red Swastika School Alumni Association (“RSSAA”) was formed in August 1998 with the overarching mission to connect the School and the Alumni. Once a Swastikian, forever a Swastikian (一日慈人,一生慈情)  -  it is with this belief that there’ll always be a part of us in RSS. Our association aims to promote friendship and foster camaraderie amongst alumni of all ages, in the hope that all will benefit from our network of generations past, present and future.

Alumni who are interested to join RSSAA may download the RSSAA Application Form, and submit via email.

RSSAA also welcomes your constructive feedback, suggestions, contributions and support.

Please contact us at our official email: redswastikaalumni@gmail.com

For updates on RSSAA’s past and upcoming activities, do refer to our official Facebook page: RSSAlumni

We welcome you warmly into the RSS family and look forward to your active participation in all our future events.


Ms Kelsy Liau


Red Swastika School Alumni Association (RSSAA)