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Student Development

Key Programmes / Activities

Our Student Development Team focuses on the holistic development of our students through providing a culture of care for our students.

Building a Culture of Care
In promoting the culture of care, we:

Our Programmes and Support Structures
The Student Development Team anchors its efforts on the ‘Three Littles’ to concretise the desired values, personal qualities and behavioral outcomes for our students.


The following learning platforms and support structures are used:

Back To School and Start It Right Programmes
We believe in starting the term right for our students. Hence, the Back To School (Term 1) and Start It Right (Term 2 - 4) Programmes are intended to ease our students’ transition to a new school year or term. These programmes are aligned to the focus of each term and customised to meet the developmental needs of our students at the different levels. The activities include:

  • Setting expectations and routines with students to provide a positive learning environment for everyone in the school;
  • Relationship building to strengthen positive relationships with teachers and peers; and
  • Target Setting / Reflection to develop the habit of self-reflection in our students as they consider what can be learnt from past experiences and commit towards developing better versions of themselves.
Level-Focused Student Development Programmes
Level-Focused Student Development Programmes.png
Positive Peer Relationships - Student Peer Supporters Programme and Buddy System
The 2-Tier Student Peer Supporters Programme aims to develop positive social skills in our students and promote an inclusive school environment.

Positive Peer Relationships.png
Positive Teacher-student Relationships
We believe that teachers play a significant role as trusted adults whom students can turn to for guidance. Hence, the school has put in place multiple avenues to help teachers establish rapport with our students. Through these avenues, teachers build positive teacher–student relationships (TSR) which would lead to positive student outcomes in terms of their learning, relationship management as well as their well-being.
Positive Teacher-student Relationships.png
Our Positive Discipline Approach
The school adopts a positive discipline approach that involves catching students doing right and leveraging reflective practice to help students take responsibility for their actions. To help students take responsibility for their actions, students are taught that their actions carry consequences. Anchored on a reflective approach, students face consequences that are based on the 3Rs (Restitution, Reconciliation, Resolution). Reflection questions are framed using the Three Littles as part of the school’s unique approach to character development.
Our Positive Discipline Approach.png
Parents Engagement
To promote collaborative home-school partnership, we organise the following engagement sessions with parents yearly:

Engagement Session Focus
Parent Conference
  • Getting to know the Form Teachers
  • Sharing on Curriculum Matters
Parent-Child-Teacher Conference
  • Sharing on student’s holistic development

The school also participates in the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) where parenting seminars are organised to equip parents with parenting skills to promote their children’s psychological, social and emotional competence. As valued partners in education, we look forward to the active participation of parents in supporting the development of our students together.