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Physical Education

Key Programmes / Activities

Physical education (PE) is an integral part of the school curriculum. It provides students with the opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills that lead to a lifelong pursuit of active and healthy lifestyle, and provide the foundation for students who wish to pursue physical sports at a higher level.

Recognising that every child has a different physical ability and interest in physical activities, the Department uses a two-tier approach to provide different depth of experience for our students in Physical Education:

    • Tier 1: Broad-based exposure and development of physical competencies through mass participation at a recreational level
    • Tier 2: Specialized training for those with interest and ability to participate at a higher level through Co-Curricular activities

With a tiered approach, every child is enabled to enjoy physical activities at the level of participation they most prefer. They can choose to participate recreationally or competitively, thus contributing to the joy of learning and motivating them towards lifelong participation in physical activities.

At the primary school level, students learn the fundamental movement skills incorporating the movement concepts. They develop efficiency, effectiveness and versatility in their performance as they practise and transfer their skills across the seven learning areas of PE (Athletics, Dance, Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education, Physical Health and Fitness, and Swimming) to become competent movers.


Beyond the learning experiences from the PE lessons, the PE Department also organizes the following activities to enrich the learning experiences of our students:

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Wushu Programme.png
P3 Swimsafer.pngP5 Leadership Adventure Camp.pngP6 Post Exam Games (PEG).png