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Mathematics Department

Department Focus

  • To help students develop positive attitude, have a sense of appreciation, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics
  • To nurture creative and good problem solver

Team »

Head Of Department: 

Mrs Nathalie Tay

Level Head : 

Mrs Go Lee Ching 


Team by level:


  • Miss Michelle Moi
  • Mr Ling Qin Xin 
  • Mdm Norhafiza


  • Mdm Chong Mee Fung
  • Mdm Rahayu
  • Mdm Zareena
  • Mrs Marcia Yong



  • Mrs Lilian Peh
  • Mrs Lucy Tan


  • Ms Lee Jay Gee
  • Mr Chua Kwan Heng
  • Mrs Loke Chwee Peng



  • Mdm Corinna Chan
  • Mr Jonathan Lee
  • Mdm Wong Suay Meng



  • Mdm Aw Pei Si
  • Mdm Tang Pei Pei
  • Mrs Neo Bock Lian

Learning Support for Mathematics : 

  • Mdm Rahayu
  • Mdm Erny

Allied Educator for Teaching and Learning (AED): 

  • Mdm Erny

Key Programmes    »

1) Mathematics Olympiad Trainings

Rationale of Implementation:

  • To further challenge students with exceptional abilities in Mathematics beyond the core curriculum and its extensions. 
  • To explore broader and deeper mathematical concepts, and allow students to focus their energies on prolonged advanced and enriched work in Mathematics.
  • To train students to be prepared and more equipped with the skills to handle higher-order thinking questions to participate in external Mathematics Olympiad competitions.

Implementation Levels: Primary 4, 5 and 6

2)  Learning Support for Mathematics

The Learning Support for Mathematics is an early intervention programme. 

Rationale of Implementation:  

  • To equip students with basic numeracy skills.

Implementation Levels: Primary 1 and 2

3) E2K 

Rationale of Implementation:  

  • To develop abilities of independent learning, higher order thinking, and creativity in learners
  • To develop effective self-regulatory skills and build a deeper love for learning in learners

Implementation Level: Primary 4

5)  Web Resources

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