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Leadership Development / LLP

Key Programmes / Activities

Our Learning For Life Programme (LLP) – “Every RSS Student a Leader” is developed in alignment to our school vision of a Caring Community and Innovative Leaders. It aims to nurture RSS students to develop a lifelong pursuit of becoming Innovative Leaders who make life better for others and help to create Caring Communities.


Guided by our RSS beliefs and CIS (Character, Innovation and Service) Leadership Framework, students are developed to possess the character traits of innovative leaders, so as to make life better for others by doing things differently, through the many service platforms made available to them in school.


The LLP programmes and activities are focused on the three key components of the CIS (Character, Innovation and Service) Leadership Framework.

Students are given the opportunities to develop along the 4 tiers of student leadership in RSS:
  • Tier 1 Leaders – Class Leaders
  • Tier 2 Leaders – CCA Leaders
  • Tier 3 Leaders – Prefects
  • Tier 4 Leaders – School Ambassadors
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RSS is home to our students and students play an active role as Innovative Leaders in improving the school for everyone.

RSS Voice is a student feedback platform that empowers students to take ownership of making life better for everyone in the school.