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Information and Communications Technology / ALP

Our Objectives

Through well-designed programmes that encourage active participation and reflection, we aim to develop future-ready and responsible digital learners who are rooted in sound values, equipped with essential knowledge and skills, and committed to giving back to the community.

Our Key Programmes / Activities

This is the practice of teaching with technology for active learning that creates a participatory, connected and reflective classroom to nurture the future-ready learner. Guided by e-Pedagogy, our teachers design differentiated learning experiences that enhance student engagement, enable subject mastery and develop 21st Century Competencies in all students. Through the well-designed learning experiences, we also aim to develop self-directed learners who have the joy of learning and will learn for life.

Active learning processes with technology.png
Active learning processes with technology

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Tinkers to Thinkers
As the Chinese saying goes, “学无止境”-- learning never stops and we should learn for life. In line with this belief, our ALP, Tinkers to Thinkers, aims to nurture the joy of learning in our students by creating an exciting but safe learning environment for them to tinker, explore, innovate, and grow.

We believe that a child who tinkers is constantly involved in the thinking process. Our ALP provides the students with the opportunities to tinker with block-based coding. Through it, they develop computational thinking and 21st CC skills, and also attain a greater awareness of how coding and technology can be used in real world situations. They are then challenged to create solutions to real world problems, with the use of coding and technology.

Our Tier 1 programme is designed to expose all students to the coding world through 3 different stages:
Stage 1 - Imagine through PLAY
Stage 2 - Ignite the PASSION
Stage 3 - Innovate with PURPOSE

Tinkers to Thinkers.png

recreating notification board 1.jpg recreating notification board 2.jpg
Our P3 students re-creating the notification board in our MRT trains.

Our Tier 2 Programme is for students who have a strong interest in coding. They are invited to join the Robotics Club where they continue to hone their skills while learning to design and building robots. Students are also given opportunities to participate in various competitions where they are challenged to solve problems by applying the knowledge and skills acquired. Moving forward, the school has plans to engage our Tier 2 students in collaboration projects with secondary schools – this will further develop our student to become innovative leaders who are committed to contributing to the community.

Robotics Club 1.png Robotics Club 2.png
Robotics Club students showcasing the robots that they have designed and coded to other students.