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Co-Curricular Activities

Key Programmes / Activities

The Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) at RSS provide students with a platform to discover their interests and develop their talents. CCA can fuel in students a life-long love for a particular activity and guide them in their pursuit of a balanced life in adulthood. The CCA experiences curated by the teachers are designed to engage students and develop them holistically in their chosen area of interest.

Learning Outcomes of CCA
CCAs enable every child to develop and demonstrate:
  • passion;
  • leadership & teamwork;
  • friendship & belonging;
  • spirit of service to the community;
  • knowledge, skills and values related to their choice of CCA; and
  • core values, social and emotional competencies and 21st century competencies.

CCA Programme
Students are strongly encouraged to participate in a CCA from Primary 3 onwards. We provide students with CCA choices to cater to their different interests and talents. These are broadly categorized into the following four categories:

PS.pngVPA.png UG.png CS.png


Co-Curriculum Enrichment
To complement the CCA programme, the school started the P1 to P5 Co-Curriculum Enrichment since 2020 to provide an additional platform for students to discover their interests and talents in the various CCA categories.