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Key Programmes / Activities

The Aesthetics Department is committed to nurturing our students to be joyful learners through our Art and Music Programmes. Our Art and Music programmes provide ample opportunities for creative and innovative self-expression and equip our students with the knowledge and skills that promote a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of the Arts.

Art Programme

Our Art Programme provides students with the opportunities to explore and experiment with a variety of media and tools. Students are exposed to a multitude of art forms such as 2D, 3D, digital and traditional artworks. In P1, students get to rethink their idea of art materials and are exposed to art materials in the environment such as leaves, stones and sticks. The P2 GIF Animation programme and P3 Photography programme enable students to explore art through the use of digital technology. As students progress to P4, they explore drawing using unconventional materials such as charcoal. At P5 and P6, students have the opportunities to hone their visual design skills.


In addition to art practices, our Art programme is specially designed to incorporate a rich and broad experience of the Chinese, local and global cultures, so as to achieve the school’s goal of nurturing bilingual and bi-cultural students with a global outlook. The Mother-Tongue Language Fortnight (MTLF) Art programme and the Primary 4 Arts and Chinese Experiential (ACE) Camp are examples of programmes that aim to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of local and Chinese culture. These rich and varied learning experiences enable our students to enjoy art and communicate visually through connecting with society and culture.

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Music Programme

Our Music Programme seeks to engage students through enjoyable and meaningful musical learning experiences. To achieve the school’s goal of nurturing bilingual and bi-cultural students with a global outlook, the Music Programme is customised to provide opportunities for students to develop an appreciation of the Chinese Language and culture, as well as local and global cultures. Examples of such programmes include the P5 and P6 Xinyao Programme, P3 Angklung Programme and the P1 to P6 International Friendship Day Music Programme.


Our Music Programme also ensures that students’ learning is deepened through the progression of musical knowledge and skills such as the Recorder Programme at P3 and P4, and the Ukulele Programme at P4 and P5. In addition, students are given the opportunities to develop their ability for creative composition and expression through programmes such as the P5 GarageBand. These rich musical learning experiences enable our students to develop an appreciation of music in the local and global cultures, and the ability for creative expression and communication through music.

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