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Leadership Development

Department Focus »

Nurturing the leadership potential in pupils and enhancing character development.

Team » Student Well-being

  1. To provide pastoral care and nurture pupils who are socially and emotionally confident. 
  2. To develop as many leaders at every level through providing opportunities to serve at various platforms within and beyond the classroom by increasing the awareness to innovate and do things differently to make life better for others.


Head of Department : 

Mrs Carol Tng 

Leadership Training: 

Mr Lee Wei Loong & Team 

SED & Kindness Programme:

  IC: Mrs Lim-Ng Ren Min

2IC: Miss Pear Siew Hoon



Ms Uma D/O Sivalingam

School Counsellor: 

Mdm Cheryl Lai


Key Frameworks for Leadership Development
  1. Leadership Framework 
  2. Leadership/ Service Platforms 
  3. HRC Personal Qualities Framework 
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