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Enhancing Holistic Excellence

The CCA Programme provides students with a platform to discover their interests and develop their talents. Well-organised and implemented, they can fuel in the individual a life-long love for a particular activity, be it a sport or a musical pursuit. This helps the individual to lead a balanced life in adulthood.

Each CCA has its specific objectives:

  • Physical Sports  (PS) - develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in pupils.
  • Visual and Performing Arts  (VPA) - instill in students a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. 
  • Uniformed Group  (UG) - activities aim to make good citizens of students by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. 
  • Clubs and Societies  (CS) - allow students to explore and extend their interests in wide ranging and specialised areas which may be knowledge-based or skills-based. Students are honed in information, communication and technical skills as they strive to grow their mastery of the specialised areas.