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Enhancing Holistic Excellence

The Arts is integral to the holistic development of our children. It contributes to their development of an understanding of the physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, moral and spiritual dimensions of human experience.

The role of arts education is central in developing in our children a lively curiosity and an inquisitive mind. This is essential as it promotes inventive thinking and an innovative orientation in what they do.

Arts education is also the gateway to our children’s sense of aesthetics, which is the basis of how they perceive the world at large and all that is around them. Such a perspective helps them make meaning of their lives, culture and identity.

Art & Crafts

Aims of Art Education
The aims of art education are to enable every child to be visually literate and to appreciate art.
Visually Literate
Being visually literate, our students are able to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see. They are also able to communicate their ideas by using and creating visuals.
Appreciate Art
Students will be able to see the value and recognise the relevance of art in their lives.



To cultivate the life-long love and appreciation for music of various cultures.


  • To expose the students to different genres of music.
  • To showcase musical talents and foster creativity and innovation through music making.