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Celebrating 70 Years of History & Heritage

It’s our 70th birthday, everyone! Join us and be a part of our celebration!

The theme for RSS’ 70th Anniversary Celebration is RSS Celebrates! 卍帜飘扬七十载, 慈训铭心育英才 – it is a celebration of the school’s identity, defined by our school values and our people.

The 70th Anniversary Logo

Founder’s Day

To celebrate this momentous milestone of our growth, the school has lined up a series of activities since the start of the year. The celebration was kicked off on Founder’s Day on 13 January with the unveiling of the theme and the event logo to our staff, students and stakeholders. The climax of the 70th Founder’s Day was the presentation of the commemorative video, showing footages of our staff and students, past and present, and those of the old school premises. That day, our staff, students, alumni and partners beamed with pride as we reminisced our growth and achievements as a school.

Our Family Storybook

This birthday celebration will not be complete without telling a story about our people and the journey we have travelled. We are producing a commemorative book, yes, a Coffee-table book that will tell a warm story about our RSS family history, quests and dreams. This ‘family storybook’ is about our beliefs, defining moments, special people, memorable spaces, progress and achievements, everything that defines our growth from the beginning at Somapah Road to now, where we are, at Bedok North Street 3.
Our Family Storybook.png

Our Vision Wall

We hope you will be able to visit our school one day soon when the Covid-19 situation has eased. Come and have a look at our beautiful vision wall, covered with doodles created by our school leaders, teachers, students and key stakeholders! Here’s a sneak preview for you:

70 Anniversary Doodles.JPG

Integration of the 70th Celebration into Our Curriculum

In addition to all the above-mentioned initiatives, the school has also integrated our anniversary celebration creatively into the curriculum through the implementation of engaging and meaningful learning activities. We hope these enjoyable activities will enable our staff and students to learn so much more about RSS and appreciate the school for who we are and what we can achieve.