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RSS Three Littles

Values inculcation has been done uniquely in RSS through aligning the school values to the Three Littles. This approach is drawn from the Xingzhi education philosophy. The Little Friend, Little Master and Little Teacher personify values that are relatable and relevant to the students.

Little Friend

A Little Friend cares for others and is generous in helping others. A Little Friend is respectful and gracious in his interactions with others. By being a Little Friend to others, RSS students establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with those around them. Little Friend.png

Little Master

Little Master.png A Little Master is an honest and trustworthy person who is responsible in all that he does. As a diligent and joyful learner, a Little Master takes ownership of his own learning. He displays self-discipline and is responsible for his words and actions towards building a culture of care. He is committed to self-improvement. Being resilient and alert in responding to changes, he can make life better for others through little acts of kindness which will help to build a caring community.

Little Teacher

A Little Teacher seeks to make life better for others through innovative ways of doing things better to build a caring and harmonious community. He is generous to share and work with others and makes constructive and respectful choices, considering the well-being of self and others. A Little Teacher is responsible and can be depended upon to lead others and work with others. He is resilient when faced with challenges.

Little Teacher.png