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Principal's Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to Red Swastika School!

Red Swastika School was founded by the World Red Swastika Society in 1951 as an extension of its charitable mandate and to achieve the objective of transforming people through education. Over the many years of the school’s establishment, RSS has grown from strength to strength in its journey to educate her students.

At the heart of Red Swastika School is our student whom we affectionately call a卍慈的孩子. We envision our students to be members of a caring community who are also innovative leaders. Our school motto, ‘恭宽信敏’, encapsulates our belief that every RSS student can become an individual who exemplifies graciousness (恭), magnanimity (宽) trustworthiness (信) and diligence (敏). We aspire for our students to grow into persons with exemplary character and who are joyful learners.

卍慈的孩子是特选的孩子. As a Special Assistance Plan School, we nurture students who are not only effectively bilingual but also having a good understanding of the Chinese culture. We want our students to appreciate cultural diversity and work towards building a harmonious society.

卍慈的孩子也是‘三小' – 小主人, 小朋友和小先生. As a小主人 (Little Master), an RSS student is a self-directed and independent learner who demonstrates resilience and responsibility even in the face of challenges. In the role of a 小朋友 (Little Friend), an RSS student knows how to care for others and build harmonious relationships through respect and courtesy. Being a 小先生 (Little Teacher), an RSS student thinks about how to make life better for others and always reaches out to contribute to the school and community.

In growing our 卍慈的孩子, we are greatly blessed to have the strong support of our various stakeholders and partners. Together, we have been working closely over the many years to work towards realizing our vision of ‘Caring Community, Innovative Leaders’.

At Red Swastika School, we are proud of our heritage and our RSS story. We hope that you will also gain a better understanding of our school through your viewing of our school website.

Ms Jessie Lim