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Principal's Message

From the Principal’s Desk

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Welcome to Red Swastika School!

Our vision Caring Community Innovative Leaders captures the shared belief of the importance of growing a caring community with innovative leaders for the nation’s future.  The definition of a leader for RSS is one who is anchored on strong values, who constantly seeks to make life better for others through innovative ways of doing things better, and also the willingness to lend a helping hand.  It expresses the belief that leadership is not appointment dependent. Within everyone is the capacity to influence and guide another person to increase the quality of life by doing things differently to make life better for others.  

The vision also accounts for the fact that people have different talents and strengths and everyone has something to contribute.  “Innovative Leaders” in the vision includes all staff as well as students. It is close to impossible to nurture innovative student leaders without the guidance of innovative teachers who dare to take the lead in areas needing change.  With such leaders, it would not be difficult to imagine what a caring community RSS would be. When the vision is realized, the natural positive outcomes would include good leadership for students, successful alumni in their respective fields, staff-initiated best practices adopted by the fraternity and affirmation of a caring community from all stakeholders.

In this age of rapid change, we believe that in order for innovative leaders to be in the position to do things better and lend a helping hand to others, they must be equipped with the 21st Century Competencies and in turn achieve the student outcomes of independent learners, effective communicators, active citizens and reflective leaders. 

As we believe that innovative leaders should be anchored on strong values, character development of our students remains key in nurturing them. Our school motto teaches the life-long values that World Red Swastika Society expounds: Respect, Magnanimity, Trustworthiness and Alertness. The school has distilled and identified qualities based on Vision, Mission, School Motto and personal qualities as baseline standards for character by the time our students graduate from the school. The values of RSS are represented by nine Personal Qualities, namely Care, Magnanimity, Respect, Honesty, Resilience, Responsibility, Helpfulness, Leadership and Teamwork which are demonstrated through the exemplary role of the Three Littles - Little Friend, Little Master and Little Teacher. 

At RSS, we will continue our effort to work collaboratively with different stakeholders, including Parents, School Management Committee, RSS Alumni Association, Parents Support Group and all other partners in nurturing our students as it takes a village to raise a child.  Let’s work together in a meaningful journey of raising our children ready for the challenges of our times.  

Wishing all a fruitful and joyous year ahead!

Best Regards

Mrs Jenny Leong