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Principal's Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to Red Swastika School!

The school’s motto ‘恭宽信敏’ encapsulates our belief that every RSS student can become an individual who exemplifies respect (恭), magnanimity (宽), trustworthiness (信) and alertness (敏). 

The school anchors the character development of our students on nine personal qualities and values which are drawn from our school vision, mission and motto. Through the nine Personal Qualities namely Respect, Care, Magnanimity, Honesty, Responsibility, Resilience, Helpfulness, Teamwork and Leadership, we seek to nurture our students to become a 小朋友,小先生 and 小主人. 

By being a 小朋友, an RSS student knows how to care for others, and build harmonious relationships through respect and courtesy. As a 小先生, an RSS student leads self and others, and is a team player who contributes to the school and community. When fulfilling the role of a 小主人, an RSS student is a self-directed and independent learner, who demonstrates resilience and responsibility even in the face of challenges. 

The school leverages the Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and SAP Culture and Internationalisation programme to enrich the learning experiences of our students, in the process deepening their acquisition of the 21st century competencies. 

Our LLP - Every RSS Student A Leader

Through the LLP, our students undergo leadership development training and develop their communication, collaboration, project management and critical and inventive thinking skills. The LLP also nurtures in our students a sense of service to others via various Values-in-Action platforms.

Our ALP - Tinkers to Thinkers (T2T) Programme

T2T, a progressive 6-year programme, allows students to learn programming skills alongside authentic and practice-oriented learning experiences structured in three stages: Imagine through PLAY (IP1), Ignite the PASSION (IP2) and Innovate with PURPOSE (IP3). These early programming experiences take place in a safe learning environment to tap on our students’ curiosity and build their intrinsic motivation towards innovation.

Our SAP Programme -文化育苗,花开卍慈

With the SAP Flagship Programme, our students are indeed privileged to be able to experience immersion trips to China, attend lessons conducted by our Chinese Learning Ambassador-in-Residence, participate in culture-infused PE and Aesthetics lessons, as well as take part in a wide range of Chinese cultural enrichment programmes. 

The school is blessed to have the strong support of our various stakeholders and partners, especially our Parents, School Management Committee, RSS Alumni Association and Parent Support Group. Together, we will work towards realising our vision of ‘Caring Community, Innovative Leaders’.

Ms Jessie Lim