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Support for Students

Edusave Pupils Fund
Your child will receive an annual contribution in his/her Edusave account, if he/she is a Singaporean. The amount contributed is $230, as of 2019. Your child may use the funds in his/her Edusave account to pay for the second-tier miscellaneous fees (for GIRO only) and enrichment programmes organised by the school.

Financial Assistance Scheme
Financial assistance scheme is available to ensure that no child is left behind because of his financial situation. The MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) provides needy Singaporean students with free textbooks, school attire, school meal subsidy, transport subsidy and waiver of school fees and standard miscellaneous fees. Parents can approach the school directly if financial assistance is required. There is also school-based assistance to benefit those who do not meet the qualifying criteria for the MOE FAS.

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)
  • Family with gross household income not exceeding $2,750 per month
  • Per Capita Income* not exceeding $690 per month
Standard Miscellaneous Fees
100% Waived
Free Textbooks
School Attire
Free School Attire
School Meal Subsidy
$2 meal for 7 meals per school week
Transport Subsidy
  • 60% of school bus fares for students taking school bus
  • $180 transport credit per annum for students taking public transport transport
*Per Capita Income is the Gross Household Income divided by the number of household members which include the student, his parents, unmarried siblings and grandparents.

NEU PC Plus Programme
Students from low income households who want to have a new computer at an affordable price can apply for one under the NEU PC Plus Programme administered by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Under this programme, eligible households can apply for one computer once every 3 years, regardless of the number of school-going children and/ or household members with permanent disability. For details about the NEU PC Plus Programme, please visit https://www.imda.gov.sg/programme-listing/neu-pc-plus or contact IMDA at 63773800.