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RSS - FMS Programmers for 2016 (April 2016 to December 2016)







27th May 2016

Empowering Your Teen To Be A Champion In Life

Being a champion does not mean winning all the time at all cost. Being a champion means being able to have the inner mental strength and skill to face challenges in life. Teenagers today face challenges that are different from their parents’ times. With constant set-backs such as failure, rejection, disappointments, comparisons and insecurities in today’s competitive environment, teens need to have the mental strength to be over-comers. 

Parents can play a vital role in helping their teens develop the mindset of a champion, which eventually will lead them to develop the necessary skills to be a champion in life.

In this 2 hour talk, the speaker will discuss: 
The difference between champions and losers
The goal of most teenagers
Is your parenting style creating a winner or a whiner (loser)? 
Overcoming the greatest obstacle to being a champion : FAILURE 
The two essential ingredients of a champion
Positive self-belief : Developing a positive self-belief through communication 
Resilience : Developing Resilience (a mindset that does not give up easily) through goal setting and Discipline.

2 hrs


27th May 2016

Sibling Rivalry

While many kids are lucky enough to become the best of friends with their siblings, it's common for brothers and sisters to fight. (It's also common for them to swing back and forth between adoring and detesting one other!) 
It can be frustrating and upsetting to watch — and hear — your kids fight with one another. A household that's full of conflict is stressful for everyone. Yet often it's hard to know how to stop the fighting, and or even whether you should get involved at all. But you can take steps to promote peace in your household and help your kids get along.
We will discuss:
  • Why kids fight?
  • What to do when the fight starts?
  • How to help kids get along
  • Practical tips to prevent sibling rivalry

2 hrs


27th May 2016

REAL Parenting Talk - Bridging The Gap, A Relational Way Of Parenting

The talk will derive most of its material from a book, “The Kite Story - Perspectives on Parenting & Mentoring”, written by Jim. In a fast changing world where information can overload and parents may find it overwhelming, relational parenting provides a simple metaphor and framework for parents to use and enjoy parenting all over again. Parenting should be fun and engaging. The talk introduces kite flying to be used as a meaningful yet intuitive metaphor for parenting. Delivered in an engaging manner and using relevant and current examples, the talk encourages parents to reflect upon their parenting relationships with their children. In the kite-flying metaphor, the child is actually the kite and the parent the kite-flyer. The only thing that the kite-flyer needs to fly or guide the kite is the string. Something so seemingly fragile and invisible to the eye can be such a powerful tool in an experienced kite-flyer’s hand. The string is analogous to the parent-child relationship. The only thing that loving parents can use to influence their children is the relationship they have with them.
There are two basic premises – one, that every child can “fly”, meaning that every child has potential; and two, that the most important element in drawing out that potential is actually the relationship. Many parents flock from one training to another not realizing that the knowledge they gain should improve their relationships with their children. However, the knowledge gained can actually harm the relationships when the act of parenting becomes the end in itself. Instead, the end should be a satisfying parent – child relationship. The world we are living in is becoming more and more impersonal by the day, with people slowly being seen as either assets or liabilities. The speaker hopes that this way of parenting can help to return parents to an important aspect of what makes us human – relationships.

2 hrs


September 2016

(Actual date is to be confirmed)

Discipline with Love


Family Central

Lifting up our teens with affirmation, blameless love, and connectedness is critical for their health. But like a table, a fourth leg is needed to keep things on equilibrium -- the leg of parental guidance and enforced boundaries. If teens are to stay safe and healthy, your love must be balanced by and actively demonstrated through appropriate, loving discipline. Just because your teens are nearing full physical maturation doesn't mean your days of parental discipline are over. Just the contrary. Teens still disobey, still act untrustworthy, and still display woeful attitudes around the house on occasion. Obviously, the old methods no longer work but good discipline is absolutely necessary and helps teens learn to function in a highly healthy fashion.

2 hrs


October 2016

(Actual date is to be confirmed)

Family Bonding programme


Family Bonding Programme : Power of Connection through Wood Craft

Wood Craft involves the creation and building of wood structures. This includes structures such as toy racing cars, sailing boats, machines, mini-sky scrappers and houses, mini-mazes and even tiny furniture! Children get to choose of a set of themes, and are entirely free to innovate and creatively express themselves through their wood craft.

With guidance from parents, along with the right amount of instruction and inspiration, enhanced parent-child relationship is experienced. Children through involvement in wood craft are better in viewing and appreciating another person’s perspectives, more creativity and are also more expressive. Imagining and creating things as a family encourages children to feel great and confident about themselves while enabling them to grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. At the same time, with parental guidance, encouragement, praise and patience, strong foundation of parent-child relationship is built and parent-child communication is fostered.

While parents learn on effective communication with children, the skills learnt will be reinforced in the process of the wood craft activity and henceforth, parents are able to translate the skills onto home environment confidently.

Join us for this exciting, innovative and motivating wood craft session to learn on family life skills and to bring home a nice wood craft structure that sees the parents and children through the development of teamwork and perseverance that manifest through the efforts explicitly exhibited through the partnership of parents and children onto the structure created painstakingly.

3 hrs


18 November 2016

Transition to Primary school

Anxious about how your little one is going to cope with the new environment, new friends, new schedule and new learning structures? Will your child know how to deal with money wisely? What to expect from your child that will help him/ her to settle in and succeed? We have a fun way to share with you tips on helping your child to embark on this new journey of theirs.

1 hr


August 2016


(Actual date is to be confirmed)

Cup-stacking  Bonding Programme


Cup-stacking family bonding programme is specifically designed for parents to reflect and learn through direct experience of family life skills via experiential learning.  With focuses on effective and essential parent-child communication skills, parents are able to apply the newly learnt skills immediately through translating them onto their children during the process of the activity.   

The thrust in this event is to promote family bonding and create positive parent-child interaction through a fun and exciting way that builds strong family relationships. This programme starts off with parents and children cup-stacking together as a team. Thereafter, parents will be equipped on family life skills before they finally join forces with their children for cup-stacking competition to experience the effect of the newly learnt skills that empower them for enhanced parent-child communication.

The highlight of this programme is to allow the children to role play as teachers to their parents and in the process, parents will learn and understand the importance for them to listen, compliment and encourage their children positively. The finale of cup-stacking competition teaches the parents on the importance and need of listening and work together, mutual respect, to value one another and emphasis on enriched parent-child communication. All these promise a great way for family to have fun and bond together, while more importantly, parents are able to bring back the necessary family life skills learnt to be more effective in parenting.

3 hrs