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Science Department

Department Focus   »

  • To provide opportunities for the learning of Science through inquiry, investigation and problem-solving.
  • To develop a positive attitude and impart desirable values in Science learning.
Team                      »

Head of Department: 
Miss Sim Ai Wah

Level Head: 
Mrs Lane Low 

Team by level:
  • Mdm Wang Liping
  • Mdm Jaslyn Koh
  • Miss Pear Siew Hoon
  • Miss Josephine Wong

  • Mr James Wong
  • Mr Jasper Ang
  • Mrs Lane Low

  • Mdm Roziana
  • Mdm Eliza Yang
  • Miss Sim Ai Wah

Allied Educator for Teaching and Learning (AED): 


1) Learning Journeys

To integrate topics on awareness and conservation of the

environment which are part of the Science curriculum

into experiential learning for

all P3 to P6 students.

P3: Singapore Botanic Gardens

P4: Newater Visitor Centre

P5: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Musuem

P6: Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve


2) Excellence 2000 Science (E2K)

To allow talented P4 and P5 students with a strong interest in 

Science to further develop their abilities. The instructional 

methodology and materials are designed to be relevant to the

learners' lives, with a strong focus on Science process and 

thinking skills.


3) Young Scientists Cards (by Science Centre)

To stimulate interest in science activities among P3 and P4 

students and enables them to carry out self-directed activities 

in areas of interest in Science. It also provides opportunities 

for students to develop initiative and creativity.


4) Environment and Conservation Education  

To help students understand the relevance of Science in our 

daily lives and instill values through activities in collaboration

with external organisations. 


External Organisations

P1 to P6 School wide recycling

Sembwaste Pte Ltd

P1 to P6 PUB mobile exhibition during Total Defence Day


P3 to P6 PUB’s “A Time to Save”


P3 Every Child a Seed


Resources             »

Recommended Magazines

1) Science Spy (P3-P6)

2) Young Scientist (P1-P6)

3) Singapore Scientist (by Science Centre)

4) National Geographic – Young Explorer (P1)

5) National Geographic – Explorer: Pioneer Edition (P2 to P4)

6) National Geographic – Explorer: Pathfinder Edition (P4 to P6)

7) National Geographic  Extreme Explorer (P6 to secondary)

Useful websites

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