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English Department

Department Focus

Nurturing a community of confident and effective speakers of the English Language


Head of Department: 

Mrs Samsina Herbert

Level Head: 

Mrs April Joann Noble

ST-Learning Needs (Lower Primary Learners): 

Miss Shiao Choy Peng


EL Members by Level:


  • Mdm Rukiya
  • Mdm Siti Aminah
  • Mr Sirajudeen
  • Mr Jufri
  • Mdm Erna Watty


  • Mdm Sng Meng Fong
  • Miss Juliana
  • Miss Leung Rui Fang
  • Miss Shiao Choy Peng


  • Mrs Chow Wee Ling
  • Mdm Ho May Ling
  • Mrs Frances Yeo


  • Mdm Siti Hawa
  • Mr Lee Wei Loong
  • Mr Khalis
  • Mr Dexter Cheng


  • Mdm Rebecca Wong
  • Mr Robby Tay
  • Mdm Tan Choon Jhet
  • Mrs April Noble
  • Mrs Carol Tng
  • Mrs Chua-Lim Mui Jeik


  • Mrs Dawn Quek
  • Mr Jeffrey Poh
  • Mrs Bernice Ban
  • Mrs Chua Huixin
  • Mrs Samsina Herbert

Key Personnel in EL Department:

  • Mr Mike Kho
  • Mrs Tan Yee Hwee
  • Ms Lim-Ng Ren Min

Learning Support Coordinator (LSC):

  • Mrs Michelle Lin

Allied Educator for Teaching and Learning (AED):

  • Mdm Aslinah Binte Ahmad

Key Programmes»

1 ) Speak Good English Movement cum English Language Fun Week

The Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) is a Singapore Government campaign to encourage Singaporeans to speak grammatically correct English that is universally understood. It aims to ensure that Singaporeans recognize the importance of speaking standard English and to encourage its usage.


In conjunction with the national campaign, the English Language (EL) Department organised the SGEM cum EL Fun Week on an annual basis. Through a myriad of EL-related activities both as a level and as a school, it is hoped that students will be enthused to learn and speak standard English.


The level activities that have been lined up for the students are as follows:

Primary 1 – Choral Reading Performance

Primary 2 – Poetry Recitation Performance

Primary 3 – Spot the Error in Advertisements

Primary 4 – Idioms Quiz

Primary 5 – Making the Wrong Right (Classroom Station Activities)  

Primary 6 – Poster-making to promote SGEM


In addition to the level activities, students will enjoy an assembly skit that focuses on Speak Good English Movement and Author’s Talk that encourages inspiring writers.


Other fringe activities include Charades on i-Pads during recess. Book fairs will also be held as a follow-up to the SGEM cum EL Fun Week.


Assembly 2.JPG

Author Talk.JPG






Parent Helper 1.JPG

Parent Helper 2.JPG

2 ) RSS Times

It is also during the SGEM cum EL Fun Week that the bimonthly RSS Times is launched as a way to encourage students to read expository texts. 

3 ) Monthly Visit to RSS Library

Students are given the opportunity to spend a period every month in the school library where they can conduct their silent reading or be introduced to the various literature that is available in the school library.

4 ) Weekly 5 minutes of ‘Did You Know’

Students are given the opportunity to showcase a 5-minute presentation on ‘Did You Know’. Topics include interesting information on English Language or spotting the error in public notices or advertisements.

5 ) Extensive Reading Programme (ERP)

Book flood is available in the classroom. Students can borrow books available in class or read the books after the have completed their class work.

6 ) Oral Communication Programme (OCP)

Students are given the opportunity to have a one-to-one oral communication session with their respective EL Teachers at least once a year. The students will be given an Oral Checklist in which they will be given feedback on their performance. Strategies used include:

    • The use of Word Class in Reading Aloud                  
    • The use of SEP Model for Stimulus-based Conversation

7 ) Effective  Communication Programme (ECP)

In order to hone students’ communication skills effectively, the following have been planned for P1 – P4 students:

    • P1-P2 Show and Tell
    • P3 Readers’ Theatre using Moo O
    • P4 News Reporting using Newsmaker


8 ) 3-Level Thinking Approach and Perspective Taking to Writing

The department is adopting a 3-Level Thinking Approach and Perspective Taking to writing. Students experience a process thinking approach before and after writing so that they can write more effectively.