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Character and Citizenship Department 

CCE Vision : A Caring Community, Reflective Leaders

CCE Outcome : A RSS student is a Little  Friend, a Little Master and a Little Teacher 

Student Outcomes: 
  1. Build strong character in students, as exemplified by the  
  2. school’s Three Littles Little Friend, Little Master and Little Teacher, and with the nine Personal Qualities of Care, Respect, Magnanimity, Honesty, Responsibility, Resilience, Helpfulness, Teamwork and Leadership
  3. Instil an innovative spirit where students make life better for others by doing things differently ideas 
  4. Nurture a sense of service to others in students through providing opportunities via VIA platforms
  5. Equip students with 21st century competencies necessary for leadership development including critical and inventive thinking, communication skills, collaborative skills and project management

Team in the CCE Department
Head of Department Character & Citizenship EducationMrs Carol Tng
Year Head (Upper Primary)Mr Chua Kwan Heng 
Subject Head Character DevelopmentMrs Bernice Ban 
Assistant Year Head (Middle Primary) Mr Jonathan Lee 
Assistant Year Head (Lower Primary)Miss Tan Zhi-Ling 
CCE Level Coordinators
Mrs Boon Seng Poh
Mdm Sng Meng Fong
Miss Lee Jay Gee
Miss Pear Siew Hoon
Mrs Tang Pei Pei
Mdm Corinna Chan 
Innovation Programme  Coordinator

Innovation Programme (2nd In-charge)
Miss Josephine Wong

Mdm Zareena 
Sexuality Education & Kindness Programme Coordinator

Kindness Programme
Mrs Lim-Ng Ren Min

Mrs Neo Bock Lian
Mdm Chong Mee Fung 
SDR & Special Needs 
Miss Nuraini
Miss Uma
Mrs Lucy Tan
ECG CoordinatorMr Jeffrey Poh
VIA & Cleanliness Competition Coordinator

Mdm Roziana

Mr Khalis
Mr Lin Qing Xin
Prefect Master/Mistress and Discipline
Miss Tan Zhi-Ling
Miss Michelle Moi
Miss Shiao Choy Peng
Mrs Chow Wee Ling
Mr Jonathan Lee
Mr Lee Wei Loong
Mrs Lucy Tan
Mdm Tan Mei Jiao
Mdm Wang Liping
Mdm Rebecca Wong
Mrs Chua Huixin
Mdm Roziana 
Leadership and Motivation Programme

Mdm Erh Teck Choo
Mrs Goo Lee Ching
Mrs Lane Low
Mrs April Noble
Mrs Nathalie Tay
Mdm Wong Suay Meng
Miss Teo Hui Min
Mdm Cheryl Lai 

The RSS CCE Experience
Components in CCEWhat it refers to?
CCE Lessons (Formerly known as CME Lessons)
Teaching of values, knowledge and skills for CCE in Mother Tongue Language
Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)Teaching of social & emotional competencies (including Cyber Wellness & Education) and building Teacher-Student Relationship
Sexuality Education (Primary 5 & 6 The MOE Sexuality Education Programme helps students understand the physiological social and emotional changes they experience as they mature, develop healthy and rewarding relationships, and make wise, informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters. 
Education & Career Guidance (Primary 5 & 6)To introduce students to the wide array of occupations, including new jobs created in this ever-changing world-of-work. Students will develop and awareness on their:
    • interests, abilities and career aspirations.
    • relation of self to others and work.
    • initial preferences in career roles assumed in play.
School-based CCE (Also known as School Assembly)
  • Assembly Programmes linked to CCE
  • Commemoration of 4NE events:
    • Racial Harmony Day
    • Total Defence Day
    • International Friendship Day
    • National Day 
  • Lessons on school values
Values-in-Action ProgrammeValues in Action (VIA) are learning experiences that support students' development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaning fully to the school and community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA fosters student ownership over how students contribute to the school and community.

Our RSS Character Affirmation Programme -
Exemplifying the values of the Three Littles

Little FriendLittle MasterLittle Teacher
 MagnanimityResilience Leadership 

ClassesTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
All Classes from Primary 1 to 6

3 Awards Per Class
  • 1 Little Friend Award
  • 1 Little Master Award
  • 1 Little Teacher Award
3 Awards Per Class
  • 1 Little Friend Award
  • 1 Little Master Award
  • 1 Little Teacher Award
3 Awards Per Class
  • 1 Little Friend Award
  • 1 Little Master Award
  • 1 Little Teacher Award
1 Overall Award Per Class
  • 1 RSS Three Littles Award

Our Leadership Training Programme

Student ProgrammesLevel
1. Primary 1 & 2  Cohort Leadership Trainings (Character Module 1 & 2)Primary 1 & 2
2. Primary 3 and Primary 4 Cohort Leadership Trainings (Innovation Module 1 & 2)Primary 3 & 4
 3. Primary 3 Cohort Habits of MindPrimary 3 
 4. Primary 5 Cohort Leadership Training (Service Module 1)Primary 5 
 5. Primary 5 Cohort ECG Learning JourneyPrimary 5 
 6. Primary 6 Cohort Leadership Training Service Module 2 (DISC Personality Test)Primary 6 
 7. Primary 6 Cohort Donation Drive Service ApplicationPrimary 6 
 8. CCA Leadership TrainingPrimary 4 & 5 CCA Leaders 
 9. Primary 2 Prefects Leadership Training CharacterPrimary 2 Prefects 
 10. Primary 3 Prefects Leadership Training InnovationPrimary 3 Prefects 
 11. Primary 4 Prefects Leadership Training InnovationPrimary 4 Prefects 
 12. Primary 5 Prefects Leadership Training ServicePrimary 5 Prefects
 13. Prefects' Teambuilding DayPrimary 3, 4, 5 & 6 Prefects 
 14. Prefects' CampPrimary 4 & 5 Prefects 
 15. Befrienders' Peer Support ProgrammePrimary 5 Prefects