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CCA Application Process for P3 to P5




Other Details

Round 1

16 to 23 January

(Refer to school website for vacancy availability)

  • Students with no CCAs as of 12 January 2018 (Includes resignation accepted on or before 12 January 2018)

  • Apply via MC Online
  • Outcome notification will be via letter to students and email to parents by 2 February 2018

Round 2

6  to 13 February

(Refer to school website for vacancy availability)

  • Unsuccessful applicants from Round 1
  • Missed Round 1
  • Currently without a CCA and has never changed CCA
  • Currently in a CCA and wish to apply for 2nd CCA (refer to table 1 below)

  • Apply via MC Online
  • Outcome notification will be via letter to students and email to parents by 20 February 2018


1 to 9 March (No further application after 9 March)

  • All other students who may have missed Round 1 & 2

Table 1: Combinations Available for Application of 2 CCAs:

Performing ArtsClub
Performing Arts UG
 Club UG
 Club Club

CCA Recruitment Exercise 2018 will close on 09 March 2018. There will be no further application after the closing date. Please note that the CCA allocated will be rolled over automatically at the end of each academic year. There will not be a re-selection of CCA at the end of each academic year. CCA will commence in Term 2 for those involved in the CCA Recruitment Exercise 2018.

For further clarifications, please contact Mdm Yasmin, HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics at or 64430380.

P3 - P5 CCA letter to Parents 2018.pdf
2018 CCAs Conducted in the Afternoon (as of 12 Jan 2018).pdf
Vacancies for CCA Recruitment P3-P5 2018.pdf

CCA Application Process for P2

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an integral part of a holistic education system. Being in Primary 2, it would be a new and exciting journey for the students. Although CCA is not compulsory for primary school, students are strongly encouraged to take up a CCA. The CCA programme, in providing a breadth of experiences also seeks to build camaraderie amongst RSS students.   Please note that your child is strongly encouraged to continue with the selected CCA throughout his/her education in the school. Students may only exercise change of CCA once. This is to encourage the development of skill set over a period of 5 years, as one or two years are insufficient for students to fully actualise their potential.

2018 CCAs Conducted in the Morning (as of 23 March 2018 ).pdf

Dates to Note: 

  • Talent Identification Day for all P2 students : 11 January & 16 January
  • CCA Day : 1 February
  • CCA online selection : 7 February to 16 February 
  • Outcome of application via SNAC :  2 March

  • Students who wish to apply for Sports & Aesthetic CCAs to apply via MC Online.
  • Application for Clubs & UGs only in Primary 3.
  • No action required in 2018 should students only wish to join Clubs & Society from Primary 3.
  • MC Online Login ID format is: 'RSS' followed by the last 6 characters of your child's BC numberExample: RSS12345M
  • Should you have any issues with logging in to your child's account, please call MC Online technical support at 6777 5198.